Gratitude & Grace

Happy Wednesday! 

I had an amazing day yesterday: I meal prepped the night before so the dogs and I had something to eat. I made the kids biscuits in the morning, minimal fussing by Malachi, my 3 year old not to go to school and everyone made it to school or work on time. I was busy on the farm in the morning, completed a favor for a friend and deliveries for Tropsical in the afternoon. Sounds like a typical day really but after weeks of feeling like I have been in a fog and not as organized as I usually am, yesterday was a big win and I will celebrate that. Especially since I know so many people who are still struggling through their days dealing with all kinds of pains. Life is short and I am learning to embrace the normal days. The days when I feel like I have it together because the days when I don’t feel that way hit hard. 

“Let it go” from Frozen should be everyone’s soundtrack. We all learn on different levels and at different times that we need to let things go. And it’s easy to say it but sometimes it is hard to put it into practice. I have been mad at a friend of mine. I forgave them for hurting me but I realized I was mad. I was mad that they changed and I felt bamboozled. This week I realized I have to let that anger go. That friendship situation was a disappointment however my anger won’t change what happened. God has granted us so much grace and it is that same grace we must offer others. Hurt people hurt people and that’s why it is so important to heal ourselves. 

It is also important to regularly evaluate ourselves and our growth. Are we achieving our goals? What are the roadblocks we are running into that we can change? Are we surrounding ourselves with the right people? The company we keep does play a role in our way of thinking. At first, there isn’t much difference but as time goes on, the influence increases. Make sure you are surrounded by people who are going to help you grow and not remain in the same spot forever. Everyone should be motivating each other and helping them reach their goals, not just partying. 

It is easy to get distracted, especially with so much happening in the world. Having the right mentality and lowering or eliminating distractions is important. Do you really not have time to accomplish that goal or could you reduce the amount of time you spend scrolling on social media? Down time is important but be sure you’re not using that as an excuse to slack off. You would be surprised how much work you can get done in twenty minutes. Keep enriching your mind by reading books, listening to podcasts or watching YouTube videos. Find what works for you and incorporate it into your day. Be mindful of the information you are consuming. 

We all know that life isn’t always easy. The beauty is in the journey. Learning what works for you and building on that foundation to reach your goals. Celebrate the good days and love yourself through the bad days. You have made it this far and there is still so much more for you to accomplish. You are worthy, you are amazing and you are capable. And remind yourself daily  when you wake up, no matter what may happen, you got this! 

Aspire to inspire


Happy Tuesday! 

I feel like it’s been a little while since I posted on a Tuesday so decided to push myself and get this out there. I believe in finding balance in life. Some days you push and get things done and others you take it easy. 

I lost a cousin two weeks ago and it has been hard. This was someone I grew up with and even though we weren’t that close now, it still hits home. As always death makes us reflect. Life is fragile and we never know when it will be our turn. Although I believe I have come to terms with death, grief is another beast. There are no words to comfort grieving family members. I have turned to prayer. I do believe God comforts the broken-hearted. 

Becoming an adult seems so fun until you are an adult and you realize the full depth of responsibility. I’ve reached that age where I need to check the obituaries because I either know the persons or know someone in the family. And I wonder how others did it. I look at my grandmother and consider how much funerals she has attended and how much more she would have liked to attend. I am a witness every time my parents hear of another friend’s passing. COVID is also taking lives rapidly. 

These losses quietly push me to do and be better. I want more from life. I want to also be able to enjoy life. Death is making me evaluate my priorities. What’s really important in the grand scheme of things? No one really teaches you how to move on with grief but I believe as time goes on, it makes you stronger and pushes you beyond your comfort zone. You learn to live with this treasure chest of memories. Some days they will make you smile and other days you will cry. But they are reminders to go out there and make memories with your loved ones because ultimately that’s all we have. 

I just want to add that it’s O.K if things fee heavy right now and you feel like you are walking through mud. Just keep your head up and keep taking one step at a time. Remember, you can waste your life away in a dark room or you can make the most of it. Do something that makes you happy. Every single day. But also learn to honor the sadness. It is O.K to miss someone. It is O.K to feel hurt. We’re human. Acknowledge those feelings and let them continue on their journey. Don’t hold them hostage. Feelings are meant to be felt, not bottled up. 

I pray you have an amazing week and you find something beautiful in each day. 

R.I.P Laurie, R.I.P tantie Yvonne, R.I.P Jason

Write, write, write… or type, type, type :)

Happy Wednesday!! 

Today’s blog will be a little bit different. My kids are getting ready for back to school and that has caused me to think about organization. Nothing is wrong, I just feel like I need to do a little spring cleaning in the fall. Lately, I have been caught up in #OrganizingTikTok and let me tell you, those fridge makeovers are so satisfying. 

I looked at my current organization system and although it wasn’t bad, I realized there were some areas that could be improved. I ordered some bins for Tropsical but they didn’t work out and I realized I could use them at home instead. It’s only two bins but that is a start. I also saw some other ideas for snack storage that I want to implement. I’m usually the one packing the lunch bags but I am hoping to make it simple enough that my three year old can help. 

I recently took a short break to review how Tropsical did this summer and how to move forward. There are some small changes and lots of improvement coming. It is always good to take a moment to see where you are and review where you want to go. I have learnt a lot this past year and some things are smoother. The goal is to continuously improve so I can continue providing quality to my customers. 

My mom always told us: “there is a place for everything and everything in its place” and I think this advice is key. Tropsical has been streamlined because of organization. My home and thus my routines run smoother when everything is organized. Sometimes life can get hectic and things get misplaced but that is why it is important to review. I love making lists ( my regular readers already know this). I believe lists make things so much easier. Write your goals, write your wishes, write your grocery list, write, write, write.  Having it on paper or typed in your phone makes it easier to remember and eliminates you forgetting stuff. Also what I have learned is that sometimes we start a process and that process gets broken down into different parts and of we aren’t aware, we may forget where we are in the process.

For example, I need to start working out at home. One thing that kept me accountable was my Apple Watch. After all of my phone issues, my watch ended up in a drawer. But when I made my list for my fitness goals, one of the points was to charge my Apple Watch. Then there was “sync watch to phone” and so on and so on. As a mompreneur, most days I get about halfway through my list. If I don’t keep track of where I am at, then i would rarely complete a task. For instance, I remembered to charge the watch but I haven’t synced it yet.  When you have a certain goal in mind, routines and habits help you achieve that goal. Implement other systems to keep you accountable such as lists.

 (By the way, I need a new planner- mental note)

So this week, take some time to take stock of where you are and which goals you want to accomplish. Write them down and then create a system that works for you. It doesn’t take much to start. Just pen, paper and your imagination or phone and imagination. Have a great week and be sure to follow me on social media (Instagram: @motherlovingdiva) and let me know what your goals are and how you plan to accomplish them. 


Hi everyone! I was really tempted to post my blog last night but I was caught up in my feelings and decided to wait. Last night my feelings would have driven the vehicle and I had no idea where we would have ended up. Today I am more focused and to be honest, I don’t even remember what had me in my feelings last night. 

A couple years ago I remember telling someone that God was doing a great thing in my life and that by the following year, I would be in a different place. That was after a breakup so the place I was talking about was more a shift in mentality than an actual change of location. A few days ago I was reminded of how much my life changed that year. I never expected the journey to be what it was but I was in a different place and everything worked out for my good. I am an entrepreneur and in control of my schedule. Things I had only prayed for. There have been numerous other times where God came through on a promise He made. He truly is a promise keeper. 

My friend Flo also posted a video on Instagram stories yesterday after seeing a meme about living in the middle of one of your prayers. She mentioned that a lot of times we get so caught up on achieving more that we forget that where we are now isn’t where we were. We kind of take the mundane moments for granted but that is where we grow and evolve. My company is not where I want it to be but guess what, I’m no longer an employee. That is something to be celebrated. Gratitude unlocks more blessings and ingratitude blocks your blessings. Every day try to write down 3-5 things you are grateful for. Whenever you feel like writing more, do so. 

I have been granted numerous opportunities this year and I am grateful for each one. The most recent one is an ad for the new 2022 Hyundai Creta (will post link below) and I am so proud of how it all came together. What is for you won’t pass you by. We get so caught up with FOMO (fear of missing out) and it can sidetrack us. As you wait on the things you do want, work on the things that you can and keep taking those steps forward. Slow progress is still progress. Not trusting yourself to get something done is not trusting God that it can get done. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us and He gave us not a spirit of fearfulness. If God puts the desire on your heart, He will see it through. Be obedient and disciplined. 

Another thing that causes us trouble is our impatience. We want everything now. And in a society where instant gratification is always only a few feet away, it can be easy to be distracted. But keep your focus! What is for you won’t pass you and it will arrive right on time. Gardening teaches you patience. You plant a seed and you have to wait. Wait for the seedling. Wait for it to grow. Wait for the flowers or fruit. But yet throughout the process, the plant is still the plant and receiving what it needs. I planted seeds once and when I was thinking nothing was going to grow, out popped seedlings on different days. Had I been in a rush, I would have thrown away perfectly good seeds. So just because you don’t have something right now, doesn’t mean you won’t have it. 

Have faith, trust in the Lord and be patient! Have an amazing week! 

P.S: Thanks to Etheleen for the title!

Behind the scenes

An Abundant Life

Happy Tuesday!

Currently taking a mini break from Tropsical. I have been working over time all summer and needed to slow down a bit.  I am so grateful for all of the support and it is important for me to be at my best to keep providing my supporters the best that Tropsical has to offer. 

2021 has been an interesting year and not necessarily in the best way. There has been a lot of loss. In your youth, you don’t worry about it but as you get older, the names in the obituaries become more familiar. Grieving a loss takes a lot of energy and with everything else happening, it gets even more difficult to take the time to properly grieve. Taking breaks is even more  necessary than normal. Dealing with COVID 19 and all of the accompanying changes is a lot. I guess 2021 is teaching me to love life but also to enjoy it. We never really know when it will be our turn to leave this earth so it’s best to make the most of it. 

And I am not taking about partying every weekend. I am talking about seeking that abundant life we were promised in John 10:10. I want a life abounding in joy, even amidst chaos and loss. Making sure that spirit, soul and body are aligned. That requires a lot of work. Loving my body enough to take care of it better. Loving myself to require more and not settle. Why settle when I could have a life more abundant? Trust me, I know it’s scary to strive for more because that comes with a certain amount of loss. You can feel lonely, as you lose friendships and family as you grow into who you are meant to be. You can choose to stay where you are but I believe God is capable and willing to do more in your life. Things may not always make sense but trust Him. 

Stop playing small because you may not get the chance again to do that thing that you always wanted to do or be the person you envisioned in your head. Time is ticking away and you have to be intentional about the life you live. Get in alignment. Do what you need to do to feel physically, emotionally and psychologically well. Praying, working out, meditating, dealing with trauma, and whatever else you need to do. Find a way to be at peace and in love with life. Every day try to do 3 things that make you happy and increase that number. If you are unsure about what exactly you want in life, at least start with outlining what you don’t want. Say no to things you know you don’t want to do. Whoever it is will survive. It makes no sense for you to feel anxious about something and you are not obligated to do it. Don’t get carried away with this. I am speaking of doing things for friends that you know you don’t want to do but you’re afraid to say no because they might get upset. You don’t have to make yourself uncomfortable to make someone else comfortable. 

This week, make some time to write some things down. Review your goals for the year or set new ones. Rest if you must. Don’t skip that training session. Drink more water. Eat that cupcake. Do whatever makes you happy. Block the vaxed/ unvaxed conversations. Release the negativity. Focus on the good in layout life. Pray and obey. Jesus promised us life abundantly so why would we settle for anything less than that? You are worthy of it so now walk and talk like it is yours. Have a blessed week! 

There is an abundance in nature, whether we look at the flowers or fruits of the trees.

Don’t allow the winds of distraction to blow you away

Happy Thursday!

I have had so much to say but it has all been jumbled and I have learned to take some time to seek clarity rather than just write something just to write something. I also realized I kind of went MIA on some friends as well the past two weeks. I know I am not the only one who disappears when things start to get tough. I don’t even think things are tough per se, it has just been a lot.

I have been thinking about the story of Peter walking on water. I may have even wrote about this before. While Peter was focused on Jesus, he was effortlessly walking on water. It was when he removed his focused from Jesus that he began to sink. I am definitely not judging him at all. Distractions can pop up and in the moment they may seem valid. Imagine you are walking on water and suddenly the wind picks up. It would take a lot of faith not to take your glance off of Jesus. It is kind of like our own walk with Jesus. When we stay focused on Him, we can accomplish so much more than when we are distracted. Our distractions look like bills, sickness, and a slew of unpleasant things.

As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest obstacles is finances. Proper money management and ensuring that you are putting in the work to meet your goals help you to reach your financial goals. I was beginning to get distracted but God reminded me to stay focused. And that was fine but the distractions came back. Or maybe they were there all the time but my focus was on God so I didn’t see them. God gives us a promise, tells us to remain focused on Him because “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. And this would be easy if there were no distractions. But life nor this walk is easy. You have got to put blinders on to accomplish your goals. If God gave you a vision then trust that He will provide for you to have that vision fulfilled. When it seems impossible, it is because you are relying on yourself and not God.

Even while writing this, I got distracted. A distractions could appear as a priority but it is up to you to determine if it really is a priority or a distraction. Once my concentration was broken, a few other things came up that took my attention away. If I were to list everything that happened since I began writing this, you would agree that some things were important. But those things caused me not to release this blog a day sooner. We need to manage our time accordingly so we have adequate time for the things that matter most. Stop trying to fight your battles yourself. Take time to take it to the Lord. Worrying about things that we cannot control clutters our minds and affects our moods which alter our days and what we accomplish.

When the mountain seems too high, take a moment to pray and let God know how you feel and ask for guidance and strength. Take the first step and each time choose the best option. Hold fast to what God spoke to you or showed you. Sometimes our confirmation can come with a test. When they arrived to the Promised Land, spies were sent to confirm that itwasa land of milk and honey. But the majority of the spies became afraid saying they would not be able to take the land. They ultimately did not make it into the Promised Land. Do not block your blessings. Even if you do not understand how, have faith that God will see you through.

Have an amazing weekend, be safe and remember always, you got this!

Slow & Steady wins the race

Hi everyone! Today I am tired. Energy has been low and I have been pushing to check things off of my to do list. Plus, it’s summer and the kids are home. I think they are enjoying their staycation because I have been doing my best to incorporate something fun into every day. Weekends are also busy due to Tropsical which I am grateful for. 

There have been a lot of deaths these past two years and I feel like everyone is going through it. Grief is pretty heavy to carry especially in addition to all of our “regular” day to day struggles. Financially, people are also feeling a pinch and it can be frustrating. There have been a lot of discussions around mental health  and specifically depression which is great. If you can afford it, definitely see a therapist or other professional you feel safe with. 

I have blogged about intentionality a lot so I don’t want to go too much into it in this post but I think it is important that you regularly check in with yourself. I believe we get caught up and forget that the ups and downs of life have no set timeframe. You could be good today, down tomorrow and back up again the next day or each phase may last a little longer. I started this post saying I am tired. And I am. I have been incorporating pockets of rest into my weeks but I really think I am at the point where I just need to pick a day and stay in bed all day. We are all juggling different hats and it is important that we make time to rest and reset. You aren’t able to do your best work if you aren’t at your best. 

Once you are aware of how your feeling physical, you can start to check your emotions and mental health. When you’re tired physically, it puts a strain on everything else and vice versa hence the reason we should be striving for balance. We drive ourselves crazy worrying about things we have no control over. The “what if’s” keep snowballing and suddenly we can feel like we are in over our heads. It is even more portably then to rest. Give your mind a break. You can think better and find solutions with a clear mind and not one running at 100 mph. Life can be difficult but you are equipped to over the obstacles. Let me add that having the right friends can help as well. I had a conversation with a friend the other day and it just made me realize I wasn’t the only one in that situation. Entrepreneurship will kick your butt and it takes a long time before you can reap all of the benefits. But while you wait on the financial gain, you can enjoy the freedom of setting your own schedule. Set some time apart for you. 

Remember your why. Remember why you started. Be sure to pick something you like to do because when things get tough, it’s that joy that will see you through. As tired as I can be, I really enjoy making my popsicles and seeing others enjoy them. Stay focused on your goals and take them one step at a time. Don’t worry about how you are going to reach the finish line, focus on getting the next task done and done well.  I know it is also easy to look at others and think they have it better but most times they don’t. Don’t allow room for constant comparison. Comparison is still the thief of joy. Instead of being proud of your accomplishments, you will have yourself feeling down because you didn’t accomplish something that wasn’t even for you to accomplish. It is ok to feel down sometimes but question those emotions to see if they are based on fact or fiction. If it turns out you can go a little harder, don’t beat yourself up. Get out of your own way and do what you gotta do. 

You can keep living the same life year in and year out or you can challenge yourself to reach for your dreams. You are worthy of more, you are worthy of accomplishing your dreams and you are worthy of being happy. So when the rollercoaster of life dips, know that propulsion is coming and use that to get where you want to be. I get like I had the world on my shoulders this week but I got honest with myself, saw where I could improve and reminded myself where I don’t want to be. So I will be taking some rest soon but then it’s back to the race. It is so very important to check in with yourself. When you’re tired and run down, you will be more willing to compromise and that’s ok sometimes but if we are constantly compromising what we want then we can end up in a cycle that isn’t easy to get out of. This week, take a pen and paper and take stock of your life and do what needs to be done. Even if all that needs to be done is to take some rest. 

Taking a moment at one of my fav places to gather myself

Consider it pure joy

Happy Tuesday! Yes it is Tuesday and yes you are getting a blog. Back on track with my Tuesday posts. Small round of applause for me!

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. First, I misplaced my phone and when I findit, it was on the ground and the screen was cracked. At this point I think I just need a phone with an armored case. It was working for a day or two then stopped. I finally got a replacement phone yesterday after two weeks. Two weeks with no whatsapp. The day after, I found out my great aunt passed away. She was very close to the family and it was a tough loss. After that, it simply felt like I was wading through mud every day. I was getting things done but it felt like it was taking forever. The funeral was the following week on Thursday July 1st. And my busiest weekend for Tropsical was that weekend.

Now the week of the 21st-27th, our local electrical company lost power a few times. I had a pretty sizable inventory of pops in the freezer. I lost over 300 Popsicles. I then focused on restocking and even changed how I organized the freezer. So the weekend leading up to the funeral, I was busy daily producing Popsicles. Friday night, electricity goes again. Thankfully, I didn’t lose any pops then. Saturday something told me to move half of the pops necessary for the second event. I ended up losing 200 Popsicles Saturday afternoon. I rush to make a new batch in time for the event. With ten minutes left before they are ready, electricity goes again. When I started the business, I shed some blood during my setup and I feel like I sweat every time I make my pops. At this point, I can officially say Tropsical has gotten my tears. It is by the grace of God that I made it to the wedding.

I survived the weekend madness although ultimately I could not make it to the event on Sunday. Sometimes you need to know your limits and when you are physically and emotionally drained, the right thing to do is take a break. Although it wasn’t really a break because my son had his graduation on Sunday. This weekend tested me and there were a few times I wanted to call friends for support but I realized I would only be looking for sympathy. I was already doing all that could be done in the moment so there wasn’t much help anyone could provide.

This weekend taught me to trust God and myself. God will guide us if we listen. The solutions to my problems came to me in little whispers and had I been focused on the problem, I wouldn’t have found the solution. At one point, I posted a scripture which I will post below. I persevered and trusted my ability to provide the service requested. I didn’t get hung up on what went wrong but focused on solutions and came up with a plan to avoid the same thing from happening again. A lot of times we see the success stories but don’t know what it took to get there. I am sharing this so someone else who is struggling can know that it isn’t always rainbows and sunshine but if they keep going, they can succeed.

I am even more confident in myself and my abilities. Starting my own business has taught me so much about myself. Building a brand is hard work but it is rewarding. I truly love Tropsical and I love hearing feedback from clients. Last year, I started with no real idea where it would take me. Late last year, I said I wanted to supply pops for a wedding. Today I can say I have been a part of two lovely weddings. I am excited about the future and the new adventures ahead. So if you are doubting yourself, this is your reminder to cut that out, get focused and believe in yourself! You got this! Whatever dream or goal you are in pursuit of, seek God and know that you are capable. Have a wonderful week and be sure to follow @tropsicalsxm. Now that the phone situation is fixed, my regular posts will resume.

The garden of friendship…

Happy Wednesday! Hopefully this posts before midnight (lol)

I really need to work on a cute intro since this has become regular. I hope this week has met you in good spirits and good health.

It always amazes me how the week’s topic comes to me and I am grateful to God for using me. Today I am staying in the garden. I started this blog to share the lessons I learned while gardening and although the focus shifts from time to time, I find some of my best posts come through my garden epiphanies.

When planting, there are some plants that go well with one another. Native Americans usually plant corn, beans and squash together and it is known as the Three Sisters crop. They plant them together because they benefit each other. Companion gardening or planting is planting crops near each other that either aid each other in pest control, support or any other reason. And that made me think of friendships. Friendships are meant to support and help each other thrive. Through different phases of our lives, our friends can offer us the qualities, support, love and guidance we need in that moment. And other times, we are the friends supplying. Friendships constantly go round and round, like a tire rolling.

A great friendship is balanced with both sides contributing and each person feeling valued. However sometimes we find ourselves in friendships where one person may not feel valued. Honest communication is necessary to ensure that both parties can express their concerns and work through minor issues. It is also perfectly O.K if a friendship has run its course. I believe some people are only meant for a period in our lives. It does not diminish the bond, in fact it can and should enhance it. I won’t stay here too long because this isn’t exactly what I want to talk about.

A friendship should be a learning experience. Learning what the other person likes and needs and also what makes them tick. I can only step in and give a friend what they need, if I actually know what they need. If my friend is feeling low and needs a boost, I need to know what that looks like for them. In addition, a friend teaches you about yourself, the world and life in general. We all have unique experiences. Our perspectives vary from person to person. However, friendships teach us compassion and grace. When we see the amazing beings our friends are, we are able to remind them of that greatness and also support them when needed. Our friends should also do the same for us.

Many times we stay focused on what people are or are not doing for us but we don’t check ourselves to see if we are being good friends to others. It is amazing to receive advice from friends when we need it but it is important that we also check in on those friends. I was complaining about a friend not giving me the attention I wanted and another one was like but I have been asking you for attention and you have been ignoring me. It is normal to fall into that trap. What allows the friendship to overcome it is honest communication and applied effort from both parties. Making an effort to adapt for the friendship to thrive. I have also learned that most friendships do not require as much work as we expect. They do not require spending the entire day together or talking daily. But a quick check in, a cup of coffee or lunch can go a long way. As humans, some of us require face to face interactions and due to Covid, some will suffice with a phone call. Hearing a person’s voice and interacting with them can be a big boost.

Friendships are necessary in our lives because they help us a thrive and the covering of a good friend can save us. There are good people out there offering genuine friendships but in order for you to accept it, you have got to believe it. If you keep looking for negative, you will find it but if you look for positive, you will find it also. Reach out to your friends and check in. A lot of times people are going through things that they feel are not worth troubling friends with. What I have learnt is sometimes we don’t share certain struggles but those same struggles are the ones our friends can help with. So do not be afraid to reach out to your strong friends and check in. There might be something you have to offer, eveni if it is just a listening ear.

3 Things I have learned in 3 months…

Hello beautiful person reading these words! I hope this week has been kind to you and that you are excited for what is to come, whatever it may be. There is a topic that has been weighing heavy on me but I don’t feel like I have it completely figured out yet and there is a lot of emotion behind it so I want to hold off on discussing it.

Life is a continuous learning experience. Every day we learn more about ourselves, the people around us and the world we live in. I signed up for a masterclass about Bible detox and unlearning toxic beliefs. I think it is amazing that we can have these conversations. I won’t get into it too deep but Dr. Dharius Daniels shared a quote from a rabbi: ” For us Jews, studying the Bible is more important than obeying it, because if you don’t understand it rightly you will obey it wrongly and you obedience will be disobedience”. My takeaway from this quote (in a general sense) is that sometimes we may do things and our intentions are good but due to lack of understanding/ information, we may actually do more harm than good. If we have to make a decision about something, but we are not properly informed about the topic, then we could make a decision that we think is good but in reality isn’t. A gentle reminder for us to understand things properly before making a decision that may have us doing the exact opposite of what our intentions were.

Another thing that I have learnt as I journey on this spiritual walk is learning to trust myself. As humans, we can get caught up second guessing ourselves. Sometimes I wonder if what I heard is truly from God or just my own thoughts. Or I may question if I can truly do something. As a recovering people- pleaser, I sometimes question myself if I am doing the right thing. It is important to stop the self- doubt. In the Bible, it says we must hold our thoughts captive. Question those negative thoughts to uncover the origins. Everything you will ever need at any phase in your life is already within you. As you learn to embrace your worth and value, trusting yourself is a big step. Trust that you know what is right for you. And if you have made mistakes in your past, trust that you can overcome them and start anew. We won’t always get it right but that is also part of the learning process. You are free to change and become a new person. If a behavior or mindset is no longer serving us, then we are free to unlearn it and learn a more productive way to deal with things.

Show up. Show up for yourself by speaking up for yourself and doing what is right for you. That is also how you learn to trust yourself. I used to go to the bakery and if they got my order wrong, I would not say anything. But then I stopped that. If I want a coffee, and the lady is trying to do multiple things at a time and gets my order wrong, I will politely correct her. I understand that she is overworked and trying to multi task but I am not honoring myself by accepting something I do not want. You cannot “hurt” yourself to honor someone else. We are all meant to coexist with one another. Your wants and needs are no less than someone else’s. If we interact with respect and love, we would realize that a lot of people are not as offended as we think they will be when we ask for what we want. Please know that everything in this life has a duality. So it is OK for you to speak up for yourself and it is also OK for the other person to speak up for themselves. There may not always be agreement, but it also does not need to end in conflict. Respecting each other’s wishes goes a long way.

There is always a beginning and an end. There will be phases of your life that you wish would end quickly and others that you wish would never end. The same is true for relationships. But there is also a shift within the same relationship or phase where things are altered, so for example, you can have two people who are in conflict with one another and there can be an end to that conflict and simultaneously a beginning of a friendship. There is no ending that does not have a new beginning. Even in death, the end of our physical life is the beginning of something new. There is always something to look forward to. There is always something just around the riverbend. It is up to us to keep the faith and believe that there is something to look forward to. We can keep looking back at what was or we can embrace what is ahead of us. It is like a cycle, we keep learning and growing and evolving.

I hope this made sense to someone else besides me. If it did, please reach out via direct message on IG or shoot me an email through the contact form on the page. Some days I feel like this blog is my personal diary and then someone sends a message and I am reminded that there are people out there reading this as well. Hopefully next week I will be back to my usual Tuesday and can share more of the topic I had. Have a great week and remember, you got this!