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Happy Tuesday! 

I feel like it’s been a little while since I posted on a Tuesday so decided to push myself and get this out there. I believe in finding balance in life. Some days you push and get things done and others you take it easy. 

I lost a cousin two weeks ago and it has been hard. This was someone I grew up with and even though we weren’t that close now, it still hits home. As always death makes us reflect. Life is fragile and we never know when it will be our turn. Although I believe I have come to terms with death, grief is another beast. There are no words to comfort grieving family members. I have turned to prayer. I do believe God comforts the broken-hearted. 

Becoming an adult seems so fun until you are an adult and you realize the full depth of responsibility. I’ve reached that age where I need to check the obituaries because I either know the persons or know someone in the family. And I wonder how others did it. I look at my grandmother and consider how much funerals she has attended and how much more she would have liked to attend. I am a witness every time my parents hear of another friend’s passing. COVID is also taking lives rapidly. 

These losses quietly push me to do and be better. I want more from life. I want to also be able to enjoy life. Death is making me evaluate my priorities. What’s really important in the grand scheme of things? No one really teaches you how to move on with grief but I believe as time goes on, it makes you stronger and pushes you beyond your comfort zone. You learn to live with this treasure chest of memories. Some days they will make you smile and other days you will cry. But they are reminders to go out there and make memories with your loved ones because ultimately that’s all we have. 

I just want to add that it’s O.K if things fee heavy right now and you feel like you are walking through mud. Just keep your head up and keep taking one step at a time. Remember, you can waste your life away in a dark room or you can make the most of it. Do something that makes you happy. Every single day. But also learn to honor the sadness. It is O.K to miss someone. It is O.K to feel hurt. We’re human. Acknowledge those feelings and let them continue on their journey. Don’t hold them hostage. Feelings are meant to be felt, not bottled up. 

I pray you have an amazing week and you find something beautiful in each day. 

R.I.P Laurie, R.I.P tantie Yvonne, R.I.P Jason

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