Write, write, write… or type, type, type :)

Happy Wednesday!! 

Today’s blog will be a little bit different. My kids are getting ready for back to school and that has caused me to think about organization. Nothing is wrong, I just feel like I need to do a little spring cleaning in the fall. Lately, I have been caught up in #OrganizingTikTok and let me tell you, those fridge makeovers are so satisfying. 

I looked at my current organization system and although it wasn’t bad, I realized there were some areas that could be improved. I ordered some bins for Tropsical but they didn’t work out and I realized I could use them at home instead. It’s only two bins but that is a start. I also saw some other ideas for snack storage that I want to implement. I’m usually the one packing the lunch bags but I am hoping to make it simple enough that my three year old can help. 

I recently took a short break to review how Tropsical did this summer and how to move forward. There are some small changes and lots of improvement coming. It is always good to take a moment to see where you are and review where you want to go. I have learnt a lot this past year and some things are smoother. The goal is to continuously improve so I can continue providing quality to my customers. 

My mom always told us: “there is a place for everything and everything in its place” and I think this advice is key. Tropsical has been streamlined because of organization. My home and thus my routines run smoother when everything is organized. Sometimes life can get hectic and things get misplaced but that is why it is important to review. I love making lists ( my regular readers already know this). I believe lists make things so much easier. Write your goals, write your wishes, write your grocery list, write, write, write.  Having it on paper or typed in your phone makes it easier to remember and eliminates you forgetting stuff. Also what I have learned is that sometimes we start a process and that process gets broken down into different parts and of we aren’t aware, we may forget where we are in the process.

For example, I need to start working out at home. One thing that kept me accountable was my Apple Watch. After all of my phone issues, my watch ended up in a drawer. But when I made my list for my fitness goals, one of the points was to charge my Apple Watch. Then there was “sync watch to phone” and so on and so on. As a mompreneur, most days I get about halfway through my list. If I don’t keep track of where I am at, then i would rarely complete a task. For instance, I remembered to charge the watch but I haven’t synced it yet.  When you have a certain goal in mind, routines and habits help you achieve that goal. Implement other systems to keep you accountable such as lists.

 (By the way, I need a new planner- mental note)

So this week, take some time to take stock of where you are and which goals you want to accomplish. Write them down and then create a system that works for you. It doesn’t take much to start. Just pen, paper and your imagination or phone and imagination. Have a great week and be sure to follow me on social media (Instagram: @motherlovingdiva) and let me know what your goals are and how you plan to accomplish them. 

2 thoughts on “Write, write, write… or type, type, type :)”

  1. Thank you for this. I was thinking about the same, it’s evaluation time with K.S. As you said there is always room for improvement. Having a set goal is important in knowing what you can make.


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