You will reap as you sow!

Happy Thursday! (Truth be told, this had to be uploaded yesterday but I forgot to post but yay me for writing it earlier this week. Let me have my small win lol)

Hope you are having an amazing week thus far. I hope this week you plant some seeds and lots of them. I am not talking about actual seeds. Plant seeds of kindness and love. Do something kind for someone from the goodness of your heart.  Help others when you can. A lot of times we think we have nothing to offer because we aren’t where we want to be in our own lives, but sometimes simply being a step ahead is enough to be able to help someone. 

So plant seeds. Lots of them. You never know which one will bear fruit. And most farmers will tell you to plant more than you need because you lose some to the elements, some never shoot and others get damaged or die despite your best efforts. The past few days were an eye opener for me and highlighted to me how we never know when the seed we planted will bear fruit. I planted seeds over ten years ago while I was in college. And I planted them with no selfish intentions. I genuinely wanted to be there for the person. I never even considered it “help”. Yet at a moment where I needed to be uplifted, the person stepped up. Despite my protests, that person poured into me. 

As a giver, I pour and pour into others but to be poured into is always humbling. It has been hard for me to accept the help but I have been blessed with amazing people who have poured into me and allowed me to pour into them. You cannot pour from an empty cup and I believe when you feel yourself getting low, you need to turn to God but keep your eyes open for the ones He sends to help you. This makes me pay more attention to whom God sends for me to bless. When we do good, good doesn’t necessarily come back to us from the source we think it will but it always come back. Your actions are never in vain. 

Remember that seeds all shoot at different times. But no matter how long it takes for them to break ground, their purpose is to bear fruit. Be grateful for the blessings and be thankful when you are the blessing. If you are like me and have a hard time allowing people to be there for you, take this advice I received from Castel: Do not block your blessings and do not stop others from being a blessing. 

Imagine an artist working hard on a painting to gift to a friend and that friend then says they don’t want it.  That is crushing. I have learned that some people look forward to the moment that they are able to do something nice for someone who helped them or treated them nice. It’s selfish to rob them of the opportunity to be nice in return. 

So this week, plant seeds. Be kind to everyone because this year has been tough. Look around and be mindful of those willing to pour into you. If you feel their intentions are genuine then allow them to pour. Sometimes we burn ourselves out trying to do everything ourselves when there are people around who are willing to be there for us if we allowed them. Don’t block your own blessings! I know it’s tough but take it one blessing at a time. Hope you have an amazing week! 

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