Why are you fearful, oh ye of little faith?

Happy Tuesday!

I am excited just typing those words because 1) I am meeting my self imposed deadline and 2) I am excited about today’s message.

Every time I miss a week, I usually run into someone who randomly brings up my blog. At first I thought it was just God showing me that people do read my blogs but it happened the past two weeks and I was like, maybe that’s God nudging me to sit down and type my blog post. Thank you to everyone who reads my posts and everyone who has subscribed. I am grateful for all of you. Usually when I am not posting, it is because things are a bit difficult but the past two weeks have been good. I did change my schedule a bit so my usual “Dominique- mom- entrepreneur” balance was a bit off. I also decided to take on some more opportunities. There is no science or formula to balance everything. I read once to think of the things we are juggling as balls and determining for ourselves which balls are rubber and which are glass. Some are obvious glass balls and you do not let those drop because they can shatter. Rubber balls can always be picked back up. I dropped a few rubber balls which is not a bad thing. My issue was leaving them on the ground too long.

I was also hesitant to write because there is a new opportunity that I have been excited about. I knew it would be a challenge and did not want to share too much too soon. For the purpose of this story, I will say everything was falling into place perfectly. Now this particular opportunity is also a test of my faith. Anyway, I was over here excited and finally told someone about it last night. Today I had a call and all was well. Then I received an email that knocked the wind out of my sails. My initial reaction was that all was lost. After some deep breaths and a message to the same friend I spoke to last night, I realized God wouldn’t give me this opportunity just to take it away from me. I took a moment and prayed and then that same friend called me and prayed with me. And maybe even more than the prayer she prayed, was her being there and helping me fix my heart’s posture. As I hung up from the call, I received another email. That situation that I thought was hopeless wasn’t so hopeless after all. I’m leaving all of the juicy details for my future blog post with the full testimony.

I have already spoken about making sure you have the right people in your corner. The people who are truly for you will always push you to be a better version of yourself. They will do it lovingly though amd they will be there for the journey. I also want to talk about emotions and our heart’s posture. Our emotions are real but they can be misleading. Today I felt disappointed and sad and I could have wallowed in those feelings. Granted someone was being positive and I was just like “blah” but I realized that I was choosing to be negative. Sometimes we question others’ trust in God because our faith is wavering. Instead of widening the gap, we should pause and check ourselves and see if we are trusting and believing God or trying to handle everything on our own. I am also grateful that I have been surrounded by persons of great faith. The kind of friends who would climb a roof and lower me down to God.

A dream deferred is not a dream denied. Sometimes the storms come to strengthen us. Sometimes we exaggerate a shower of rain to be a storm as well. This week, renew your trust in God. He is still a way maker, miracle worker and promise keeper. He can do above and beyond what we could imagine. If He has brought you to it, He will lead you through it. Also check your heart’s posture. At times, we need to remind our hearts of what we know to be true. Bless your friends. Just because. Pray for them because you never know when they will be the pillars you lean on. Have a blessed week all and speak to you on Tuesday!

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