Know it. Protect it. Self- worth!

Growth and healing may appear all light and love especially on social media but for those who are truly doing the work, they can admit it is tough.  Persons who are focused on their growth and healing are focused on understanding themselves, loving themselves and unlearning thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve them. Understanding and working through trauma is a lengthy process. Some of us have had years of programming that cannot be undone overnight. Life is messy and every single person is going through something.

I believe we all have a light within us and when we show up as our authentic selves, that light shines bright. Have you ever looked at someone and they simply seemed to glow? They do not even have to be doing something but their energy calls you. Some of us have had the light dimmed for us and some of us have dimmed it ourselves. Dimming your light might seem like self defense but you are actually harming yourself. When you are not true to who you were meant to be, you start to operate at a lower vibration and you attract at a lower vibration. You start to believe that you are not worthy of certain things. When you play small, you block the opportunities for you to grow.

Self- love helps you to overcome playing small but no one really tells you what to do to love yourself. That is because it is a personal journey. My self-love journey will look different to yours. My self-love love language is nourishing my body. When life gets busy, the first thing I neglect is my body. I do not eat on time, I miss meals, I do not work out and the list goes on. When I am intentional about loving myself, I eat well, I work out and take care of my body so it can help me be my best. Grab a notebook and make note of the things and places that make you feel good. Make a list of affirmations. This can consist of positive statements about yourself that you believe or statements you wish to be true. Repeat the statements to yourself daily. Seek professional help to identify limiting beliefs but also the origin of those limiting beliefs. The foundation usually lies somewhere in childhood.

However there comes a point in our journey where we reach a certain level of confidence in ourselves. We have an understanding of our worth and it’s a beautiful awakening. This is where it gets tricky because you will be tested. You will find yourself in situations that will question your newfound confidence, will question your opinion of yourself and question all that you learned. If we aren’t careful, we can slip back to old patterns. The person you are meant to be is worth fighting for. The journey will take you to new places, shifts in friendships and much more. We cannot control how others choose to see us but we can choose whether we entertain them or not. Keep in mind that most people can only meet you where they are at. If they are vibrating at a lower level, your level will seem unreal to them. Our jobs are not to make others see our worth, it is our job to see it in ourselves and safeguard it.

Our value does not diminish due to someone else’s (and sometimes, our own) inability to see it. Our value is not based on our actions. When we attach our worth to actions, we may find ourselves overextending ourselves. Whereas when we are truly aware of our worth, we understand that less is more. You are worthy of your dreams. That nudge you feel, calling you towards “more” is valid. Release the fear and rise to meet yourself. Do not be afraid to lose others on the journey. Paths were crossed for a reason and we always meet those who are meant to guide us. Wherever you are on your journey, remember to be true to you. We are all imperfect but when we take our broken pieces and mend them, we can make a beautiful mosaic. As always, you got this!

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