Routine, the constant needed…

Happy Wednesday!

I started writing my blog eager to post yesterday. Had a nice subject and it was coming along nice and then poof, it disappeared. A little over 2 weeks ago, my iPhone officially kicked the bucket. I was sort of ready because I knew it was coming but I was still in denial. I lost pictures and my contacts. Honestly, this is the third time I have lost pictures so you would think I would learn. The loss of contacts is more upsetting. Normally I use my iPhone for everything. I am that friend who makes lists for everything and itineraries for trips. I just like organizing. However, since switching phones, I feel kind of out of place. I am still getting work done although it has been an adjustment.

I feel like the past couple of weeks have been overwhelming. A lot has not happened per se  yet the energy feels heavy. The first week I was very intentional with my day to day activities. I was not procrastinating and pushing myself to get work done. I was even able to work out twice that week. The house was spotless. This past week I feel like nothing has been going my way despite my intentions. My toddler has been testing my patience. Yesterday, I tried to hide from him while he was being fussy but he found me. In the moment when you are irritated, it is hard to understand their feelings. The 5 minute break I did get, allowed me to calm myself so I could deal with him. When something upsets you, it is important to remobe yourself from the situation and take a breath. It also allows some clarity on the situation.

I like routines because they make life smoother, especially with kids. Everyone has a basic overview of what needs to be done and it fosters independence. For this story, what matters most is that a routine is sort of a guideline of your day and for a little over a week, I have shifted from my routine. The daily shifts aren’t such a big deal but the accumulation of shifts is what is causing the heaviness. I created a routine that fits my life and allows me to be as productive as I can to ensure that I meet my goals and allow the kids to be at their best. We put limits on things because too much can be a bad thing. My son was fussy because he was overstimulated the night before because we did not stick to our routine.

The beauty of having a routine is that you already have the guideline to follow. It is all about being intentional and following the steps you created. Sometimes routines do get boring  amd it is absolutely ok for you to shake it up or change it. Ultimately, you will know what works for you. I started gardening again and spending time with my plants is a part of my routine. It does not require a lot of energy at the moment but seeing my plants grow and seeing them bare flowers and fruits is a nice feeling. If you know a certain place or spending time with certain people leaves you drained, then that is something you need to adjust or remove from your routine. You have control over your routine and what you do or do not do. Remember to incorporate breaks so you don’t get bored. In the middle of chaos, it is hard to get a grip of what is happening, it is important to remove yourself and take a look at it from a distance.

This week write down your routine and see what needs adjusting. Review and revise over time until you have something in place that makes you feel good about your days and brings you closer to your dreams. You got this!

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