You Got This! Really… You Do!

Happy Sunday!

I am hoping you had a good week and accomplished some goals. Yes, even those “small” tasks you procrastinated on. 

Usually before I start typing, I already have a topic I want to discuss. This week, I am not sure what I will discuss but please stay with me.

I had a good week, with the highlight being my popsicles receiving good feedback from the local morning radio show, The Suppa Duppa Morning Show on Laser 101. You would not believe how nervous I was. I did not even want to go initially for fear of rejection. I have been working hard on my popsicles but I am also a perfectionist so it can be tough. But they loved all five of the flavors presented. So yay! The next few weeks I will be fine tuning packaging and labels. Thank you to all of my friends who allowed me to use them as guinea pigs. 

Something that came up during the interview is the fact that I am unemployed. I was fired at the end of May and there was no warning. Literally from one day to the next, I was out of a job. I haven’t really spoken about it and I don’t think it deserves any additional energy. At first,  I was upset. I invested a lot of my time and effort into the company and it was not appreciated. But, I realized that that was a blessing in disguise. Being unemployed provided me with the time I needed to work on my popsicles and it is what pushed me to launch my Boozy Pouches and Frozays. 

You can spend your entire life working for a company, building that company and then it is all gone. Find a balance between work and your personal time/ dreams. Do good work because that is who you are. Make sure you stand by your standards and integrity. People will remember the work you did. I also believe if there is a hobby or interest you want to pursue, then do so. Start in your spare time, after work, or even before work. As COVID-19 continues to be present and economies are being shaken, you can never have too many talents. Over a year ago I started making macramé plant hangers while still employed. I would make them at night once the kids were asleep and guess what, I got sales. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself

No matter what, stand up for yourself.

Be respectful but do not let anyone walk over you. They may want to paint you in a negative light but ultimately your character will vouch for you. There are people in this world, who will try to bring you down. They see something in you, they see a light and it bothers them. Instead of working on brightening their light, they try to dim yours. NO ONE CAN DIM YOUR LIGHT WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. Because truth be told, the light will keep burning. You have just attempted to cover it or you are to afraid to clean it. Dimming your light for others will only make you miserable.  Playing small in this world to please others will make you miserable. 

Be unapologetically you and yes, I know it can be hard. Those who love you will find you and stick with you. I am talking friends, and significant other. They will honor you for you. Most important is that you will be happy and you will be honoring you. If you can accept others, you can accept yourself. For the traits that you do not necessarily like about yourself, question yourself. Why do you think, act or react that way? Is something triggering you? How can you improve that? Your thought, action, or reaction is the fruit of something and if you look for the roots, you can transform your thoughts and actions. 

So this week, just love yourself a little bit. Tend to your mind, body and soul even if that means pulling up some weeds. I want you to feel powerful and in order to do so, you have to know yourself. I want your light to shine because the world needs it. There is someone looking for it as a guiding light. If you don’t want to do it for you, then consider the person you could be helping simply by being you. You are amazing, you are wonderfully made and you got this!

Here is a picture of the cup I painted on Friday! YOU GOT THIS! The others were painted by my nephew and daughter.

2 thoughts on “You Got This! Really… You Do!”

  1. You know, it’s indeed hard not knowing where to start, how to start… with loving one self… especially working in a company where it takes over your life and because we’re in a pandemic, I have to be grateful I still have a job, but despite that, it’s not making me happy, more stressed than ever, less time for myself… which isn’t helping either if I’m stuck in a mental gutter not knowing how to get out.. yet…


    1. Yes it doesn’t help being stuck in a mental gutter. Are there ways that you can incorporate a bit of joy on the job? At my last job, I added a plant and I could wear headphones to listen to music (I was in a back office basically by myself). It’s important to make some time. Whether it’s a 5 min break where you can move around and after work you really have to leave the work at work. Maybe not checking emails after a certain time. Or maybe journaling to release the stress from the job so you can enjoy your time at home. Hope you find something that works for you ❤️


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