Shake that funk!

Happy Saturday!

Sometimes without warning we get caught in a cloud of funk. Unable to pinpoint what is bothering us and we are not motivated to do anything about it. Our inner critic may be on a rampage and filling us with warped untruths. Life in general may just be heavy. There is a lot happening everywhere, all while dealing with a global pandemic. Don’t quote me on this, but maybe the funk can be used for our improvement. 

A lot of times we play small; we second guess ourselves and give into our fears. The thing with playing small is at some point, it will feel uncomfortable. You have outgrown that space and as much as you want to stay there, you simply cannot. The unknown is so vast that it paralyzes us. But it is when we take that first, shaky step that we realize there is ground under our feet. Or maybe we fall and learn we have wings. We need to embrace the future, whatever it may hold. Every decision you have made thus far, has brought you forward in your journey, even the ones deemed wrong. Everything happens for a reason and for our growth, if we let it. 

We magnify what we focus on. If we keep looking at the negative then we will never see the possibilities. I may have lost my job but I started my business. This brings its own challenges but just this week I was reminded of the freedom I now have. There is a saying that every level brings its own devil but I also believe that every level brings its blessings and lessons. Leveling up requires us to do the work. There are lessons we need to learn or unlearn in order to move up. Things that worked previously may not work now, just as what we are learning on this level may not work for the next. 

Sometimes we receive a blessing in one level and we are so afraid to lose it, that we hold ourselves hostage. We are unwilling to move up because we aren’t sure that specific blessing will be there or maybe it will be there but not exactly as it is now. We wonder whether we will ever find such a blessing again. Blessings grow too. As we grow and learn, we change in small ways and our taste changes as well. The toy that gave us endless joy at 6 is not the same thing that excites us at 26. 

We hold tight to the very things we are meant to let go. If we refuse to make space for the very blessing we want, how do we expect it to show up? Picture it like this, we are allowed to walk with a backpack through every level. There are some things that will always be in our backpack. Others we will have to drop in order to make space for the bigger blessing needed. If we are too focused on keeping things in the backpack and safeguarding them then we will overlook the treasures available. 

The “universe” is meant to provide us with what we need as long as we are showing up as our higher selves. We cannot expect a million dollars if we act stingy and scared with a thousand. Everything that is removed is replaced with something better. Like Elsa, you have to learn to let it go. The one in charge knows exactly what you need and will not forsake you. But you have to trust everything is working in your favor and learn the lesson. There will be times where you feel like you have gone backwards but that is not necessarily the case. As cliché as it is, every setback is a setup for a comeback. Look for the silver lining. (Trust me, there is always one)

I hope you take some time to figure out where you have been feeling uncomfortable and look for the change. Love yourself enough to acknowledge where you have been playing small and make a commitment to change one small thing. I may have some control issues so I always like writing things down so I can really see it and so I can plan. Make an action list and try to work on it little by little. One small step daily will get you to your goal. Be honest about what you need to let go of and trust that it will be replaced with better. You are amazing, you are powerful and you got this! Most importantly, you deserve the good that has been showing up and gratitude will multiply it. 

Where I wish I was this week… Take a moment and feel the sand between your toes and the breeze on your face!

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