An Abundant Life

Happy Tuesday!

Currently taking a mini break from Tropsical. I have been working over time all summer and needed to slow down a bit.  I am so grateful for all of the support and it is important for me to be at my best to keep providing my supporters the best that Tropsical has to offer. 

2021 has been an interesting year and not necessarily in the best way. There has been a lot of loss. In your youth, you don’t worry about it but as you get older, the names in the obituaries become more familiar. Grieving a loss takes a lot of energy and with everything else happening, it gets even more difficult to take the time to properly grieve. Taking breaks is even more  necessary than normal. Dealing with COVID 19 and all of the accompanying changes is a lot. I guess 2021 is teaching me to love life but also to enjoy it. We never really know when it will be our turn to leave this earth so it’s best to make the most of it. 

And I am not taking about partying every weekend. I am talking about seeking that abundant life we were promised in John 10:10. I want a life abounding in joy, even amidst chaos and loss. Making sure that spirit, soul and body are aligned. That requires a lot of work. Loving my body enough to take care of it better. Loving myself to require more and not settle. Why settle when I could have a life more abundant? Trust me, I know it’s scary to strive for more because that comes with a certain amount of loss. You can feel lonely, as you lose friendships and family as you grow into who you are meant to be. You can choose to stay where you are but I believe God is capable and willing to do more in your life. Things may not always make sense but trust Him. 

Stop playing small because you may not get the chance again to do that thing that you always wanted to do or be the person you envisioned in your head. Time is ticking away and you have to be intentional about the life you live. Get in alignment. Do what you need to do to feel physically, emotionally and psychologically well. Praying, working out, meditating, dealing with trauma, and whatever else you need to do. Find a way to be at peace and in love with life. Every day try to do 3 things that make you happy and increase that number. If you are unsure about what exactly you want in life, at least start with outlining what you don’t want. Say no to things you know you don’t want to do. Whoever it is will survive. It makes no sense for you to feel anxious about something and you are not obligated to do it. Don’t get carried away with this. I am speaking of doing things for friends that you know you don’t want to do but you’re afraid to say no because they might get upset. You don’t have to make yourself uncomfortable to make someone else comfortable. 

This week, make some time to write some things down. Review your goals for the year or set new ones. Rest if you must. Don’t skip that training session. Drink more water. Eat that cupcake. Do whatever makes you happy. Block the vaxed/ unvaxed conversations. Release the negativity. Focus on the good in layout life. Pray and obey. Jesus promised us life abundantly so why would we settle for anything less than that? You are worthy of it so now walk and talk like it is yours. Have a blessed week! 

There is an abundance in nature, whether we look at the flowers or fruits of the trees.

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