Don’t allow the winds of distraction to blow you away

Happy Thursday!

I have had so much to say but it has all been jumbled and I have learned to take some time to seek clarity rather than just write something just to write something. I also realized I kind of went MIA on some friends as well the past two weeks. I know I am not the only one who disappears when things start to get tough. I don’t even think things are tough per se, it has just been a lot.

I have been thinking about the story of Peter walking on water. I may have even wrote about this before. While Peter was focused on Jesus, he was effortlessly walking on water. It was when he removed his focused from Jesus that he began to sink. I am definitely not judging him at all. Distractions can pop up and in the moment they may seem valid. Imagine you are walking on water and suddenly the wind picks up. It would take a lot of faith not to take your glance off of Jesus. It is kind of like our own walk with Jesus. When we stay focused on Him, we can accomplish so much more than when we are distracted. Our distractions look like bills, sickness, and a slew of unpleasant things.

As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest obstacles is finances. Proper money management and ensuring that you are putting in the work to meet your goals help you to reach your financial goals. I was beginning to get distracted but God reminded me to stay focused. And that was fine but the distractions came back. Or maybe they were there all the time but my focus was on God so I didn’t see them. God gives us a promise, tells us to remain focused on Him because “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. And this would be easy if there were no distractions. But life nor this walk is easy. You have got to put blinders on to accomplish your goals. If God gave you a vision then trust that He will provide for you to have that vision fulfilled. When it seems impossible, it is because you are relying on yourself and not God.

Even while writing this, I got distracted. A distractions could appear as a priority but it is up to you to determine if it really is a priority or a distraction. Once my concentration was broken, a few other things came up that took my attention away. If I were to list everything that happened since I began writing this, you would agree that some things were important. But those things caused me not to release this blog a day sooner. We need to manage our time accordingly so we have adequate time for the things that matter most. Stop trying to fight your battles yourself. Take time to take it to the Lord. Worrying about things that we cannot control clutters our minds and affects our moods which alter our days and what we accomplish.

When the mountain seems too high, take a moment to pray and let God know how you feel and ask for guidance and strength. Take the first step and each time choose the best option. Hold fast to what God spoke to you or showed you. Sometimes our confirmation can come with a test. When they arrived to the Promised Land, spies were sent to confirm that itwasa land of milk and honey. But the majority of the spies became afraid saying they would not be able to take the land. They ultimately did not make it into the Promised Land. Do not block your blessings. Even if you do not understand how, have faith that God will see you through.

Have an amazing weekend, be safe and remember always, you got this!

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