Consider it pure joy

Happy Tuesday! Yes it is Tuesday and yes you are getting a blog. Back on track with my Tuesday posts. Small round of applause for me!

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. First, I misplaced my phone and when I findit, it was on the ground and the screen was cracked. At this point I think I just need a phone with an armored case. It was working for a day or two then stopped. I finally got a replacement phone yesterday after two weeks. Two weeks with no whatsapp. The day after, I found out my great aunt passed away. She was very close to the family and it was a tough loss. After that, it simply felt like I was wading through mud every day. I was getting things done but it felt like it was taking forever. The funeral was the following week on Thursday July 1st. And my busiest weekend for Tropsical was that weekend.

Now the week of the 21st-27th, our local electrical company lost power a few times. I had a pretty sizable inventory of pops in the freezer. I lost over 300 Popsicles. I then focused on restocking and even changed how I organized the freezer. So the weekend leading up to the funeral, I was busy daily producing Popsicles. Friday night, electricity goes again. Thankfully, I didn’t lose any pops then. Saturday something told me to move half of the pops necessary for the second event. I ended up losing 200 Popsicles Saturday afternoon. I rush to make a new batch in time for the event. With ten minutes left before they are ready, electricity goes again. When I started the business, I shed some blood during my setup and I feel like I sweat every time I make my pops. At this point, I can officially say Tropsical has gotten my tears. It is by the grace of God that I made it to the wedding.

I survived the weekend madness although ultimately I could not make it to the event on Sunday. Sometimes you need to know your limits and when you are physically and emotionally drained, the right thing to do is take a break. Although it wasn’t really a break because my son had his graduation on Sunday. This weekend tested me and there were a few times I wanted to call friends for support but I realized I would only be looking for sympathy. I was already doing all that could be done in the moment so there wasn’t much help anyone could provide.

This weekend taught me to trust God and myself. God will guide us if we listen. The solutions to my problems came to me in little whispers and had I been focused on the problem, I wouldn’t have found the solution. At one point, I posted a scripture which I will post below. I persevered and trusted my ability to provide the service requested. I didn’t get hung up on what went wrong but focused on solutions and came up with a plan to avoid the same thing from happening again. A lot of times we see the success stories but don’t know what it took to get there. I am sharing this so someone else who is struggling can know that it isn’t always rainbows and sunshine but if they keep going, they can succeed.

I am even more confident in myself and my abilities. Starting my own business has taught me so much about myself. Building a brand is hard work but it is rewarding. I truly love Tropsical and I love hearing feedback from clients. Last year, I started with no real idea where it would take me. Late last year, I said I wanted to supply pops for a wedding. Today I can say I have been a part of two lovely weddings. I am excited about the future and the new adventures ahead. So if you are doubting yourself, this is your reminder to cut that out, get focused and believe in yourself! You got this! Whatever dream or goal you are in pursuit of, seek God and know that you are capable. Have a wonderful week and be sure to follow @tropsicalsxm. Now that the phone situation is fixed, my regular posts will resume.

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