Choose YOU…

Happy Tuesday! I usually look forward to Tuesdays because I get to connect with you all but today is extra special because it’s the day before my son’s birthday! The moms reading this know the emotional rollercoaster I will be on tonight looking back at baby pictures. I really don’t know why we do it to ourselves.

I have learnt so much about myself since my son’s birth. The breakup with his dad was bad although the relationship was fine prior to that. Navigating a breakup with an infant is a challenge that I don’t ever want to repeat. I am still grateful because that allowed something within me to break and cleared my vision. Since then I have gone down the rabbit hole of self development and self love.

A part of self love is setting boundaries that let people know which behaviors you will accept and which you will not. We all have different experiences that helped shaped us into who we are and even if two people went through the same thing, their personal interpretations of those experiences would be different. So boundaries are kind of ground rules for you to interact with others. Recently, I had a disagreement with a friend and I believe I had to establish a boundary. They felt the need to establish a boundary as well. We are both looking at the situation with our respective lenses on and we are both justified in our opinions of the matter. It doesn’t mean either one of us is wrong. Eventually we will come to a place where we can set that aside but until then we both have to do what we consider is right for our respective journeys.

As you grow, there will be times when you grow apart from people. And there will be times when you aren’t the right fit for someone’s journey either. Instead of worrying about what the other person thinks or what you could have done, it’s important to focus on your growth. How do you improve yourself? How do you become a better version of yourself? Everything happens for a reason and those who are meant to be in your life will be in your life. Another good friend of mine and I drifted apart years ago and this was someone I thought would be in my life forever. Last year we were able to have an honest conversation and clear some things and now we are good again. You have to trust the journey that you are on and that God will give you the people, things and wisdom you need to get through whatever you are facing.

This past weekend I made a commitment concerning my spiritual journey which I will tell you about in the coming weeks. Right now, I am not sure what my next step is but I know that God is guiding me and that is sufficient for me. I don’t know if it’s a gift or a curse but I tend to see the greatness in others even when I don’t always see it in myself. But other people’s journeys are not my business. Yes I can and will encourage them and speak to the greatness within them but I can’t make it my responsibility to ensure that they are doing what they need to do. All I can do is ensure that I am doing what I need to do and hopefully they will see that and be inspired to the same. I am releasing myself from feeling personally responsible for others’ journeys. We are here to motivate, encourage and inspire but never to dictate others.

I am going to wrap it up here because I think (I hope) you got the gist of what I am saying. Plus I have to go prepare for my son’s birthday celebration in school tomorrow. So have an amazing week and remember, as always, you got this!

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