While you wait…

Back again with more random thoughts. This week I am going to expand on last week’s topic. Last week I wrote about the waiting period/ season in your life. Like I mentioned previously, I usually get a thought and then that thought usually pops back up about three times. It could just be luck or maybe because I focused in on that thought, that I am now more aware of the topic and so I “find” it in other places.

 What we focus on or give attention to shapes our lives.

During your waiting season, I believe it is important to be aware of what you are giving your attention to. Everything seems important in the moment but looking back, some things take us off course and although we still get the accomplishment, it took us longer than it should have. Write your goals down and make a step by step plan to achieve them. If the goal is to save $1000, then a step by step breakdown could be the exact amount you want to save each month and the timespan you want to accomplish it. That way if you have $50,- in your hand, but you see something you want to purchase for $20 and your goal was to save $40 that month then you know you should pass on the purchase. If you still make the purchase, your goal just got pushed back a month. It doesn’t sound like much until six months have passed and you haven’t saved anything. 

What you give your attention to, expands. 

Those negative thoughts and self- doubt won’t disappear if you keep giving them your attention. I am not telling you to ignore them either. Acknowledge them, try to understand where they are coming from and then shift them into more positive thoughts. If you are about to launch a new product or start a business and you only focus on the negatives, you will not succeed. Let me use the infamous bread analogy. If the thought pops up that there are too many bread companies out there and you won’t make it, and you entertain that thought, you will end up not launching because you let fear get to you. But when the thought comes, if you shift it and say “yes, there a lot of bread companies but none of them are me and I am bringing my uniqueness to this loaf of bread”, then you will push yourself to make an exceptional bread and be successful.

Remaining focused also allows you to bypass things that do not contribute to your growth. If your goals are clearly defined, you will know if an opportunity is the right opportunity for you. A few months ago, I was approached to join an organization. Deep down I did not really want to. At this stage in my life, it simply was not something I wanted to do anymore, but after a while I agreed. Every time I was supposed to participate, something beyond my control happened, stopping me from taking part. Finally I told them I could no longer be a part of the organization. The organization is great, but it was not contributing to my growth at this stage in life. If I stayed, it would have actually taken me back down a path I had just worked so hard to move away from. 

Distraction usually leads to inaction.

 If you are distracted, you won’t be efficient and your productivity will drop. Let’s say you can fill one hundred bottles in an hour and then one day, your Whatsapp group chat is on fire. Imagine how much time you will lose stopping to read and respond to the messages. You won’t fill those hundred bottles in an hour. The thing with distractions is that they never seem like distractions until after the fact. If you keep choosing the parties or hanging out with friends over putting the work into your business, you will be moving at a snail’s pace. Focus changes everything. If you focus and get yourself organized and create systems and routines then more than likely, you will not be missing in action for long. 

Use your waiting season to make yourself stronger mentally, spiritually and physically. Focus on building a better spiritual (not religious) relationship, for me it is a closer walk with God, and that will help you to focus on yourself as well. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses and then turn your weaknesses into strengths. Love yourself. Build your confidence. Be proud of yourself.  Use the time to build your foundation and become disciplined. It is usually the preparation that is completed during the waiting season that sets you up for success. Don’t underestimate the small wins and what you can accomplish while waiting. Make your list and get ready. 

Update from last week. So after weeks of waiting, I was blessed with two new leaves in two weeks!

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