The Waiting Game

Happy Saturday!!

I am in a great mood today and I hope you are too! Making time for my morning routine helps me to start my morning off right and set the tone for the rest of the day. I am also avoiding an exercise that I need to complete but more about that later, after it is completed. It seems we will be spending more time in the garden today. Part of my morning routine is watering my plants. I have some type of schedule but there are plants that need water daily, especially with this drought. Once I have watered them, I take some time to admire their growth. As a plant mom, I get super excited when I see new leaves or, gasp, a flower! If you garden, you will know you need patience, and truth be told, patience is not my forte.  I currently have a lot of new growth in my garden and I am elated. But this growth did not happen overnight. 

I received a plant from my grandmother towards the end of 2019 and at the time it was putting out its second leaf. Unfortunately one of the leaves didn’t survive. Now, around the time of the lockdown, I saw a new leaf sprouting and was anxious to see it unfurl. Weeks passed and nothing! I was so crushed. So I shared my frustration with my grandmother. She suggested that maybe it was time to change the pot because it can be picky, so I did just that and of course, I spoke to my plant and told it how much I loved it. Lo and behold, a few days after changing the pot, the leaf finally started uncurling, and not only that but a third leaf is coming! (see picture of my beautiful plant)

Another surprise this week came from some seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago. And let me just tell you now, I plant seeds and then forget what I planted. Some seeds had sprouted, and I was thrilled with my two seedlings. Every morning I diligently watered them. One morning as I approached the windowsill, I noticed that another seed was sprouting. A whole week after the others had sprouted. New seedling? Awesome! The next morning, two more sprouted. I was too excited and surprised. I honestly thought after the first two sprouted that the others wouldn’t. Today I have five seedlings.

O.K Dominique, that’s great and all but what does this have to do with every day life? 

Lets talk about waiting. Very few of us truly enjoy waiting. We want what we want and when we want it. In life, we have multiple waiting seasons and just like in gardening some patience and discipline is needed. Going back to my first story, sometimes we see something we want beginning to take form and we are excited but then the process is almost halted. We become frustrated and wonder why. Sometimes we need to look at the environment. Is this the optimal environment for this dream or goal to take shape? Have we given our dream enough room to grow and expand? There is an online quote about a shark in a tank remaining small but a shark living in the ocean will grow over 6 feet. Are you (unconsciously) stifling your own dreams or your self- growth? Clear out the weeds in your life and breathe deeply. Make sure you are providing the right nutrients for your dream to be realized or for you to grow. Speak lovingly to yourself and do the best you can daily. 

In my second example, the environment was right, there was enough space and nutrients. I even had growth. But when I thought I had gotten everything I could get, more came. Had I not been diligent in ensuring that I was still providing everything they needed, I may not have what I have today. It’s tough watering a pot daily and not seeing any growth, but just because it is not visible, does not mean the transformation is not taking place. The journey of self- love and development is never-ending. There may be something you are trying to change and you aren’t seeing the results, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t growing and getting closer to your goal. Remain diligent and you will reap the rewards. My seedlings are now all roughly the same size although the second set was a week behind. It does not matter when you bloom, others may accomplish things before you but that does not mean you won’t accomplish what you need to. These seedlings will grow and eventually bear fruit. And ultimately that is all that will matter, not who sprouted first. 

I encourage you to take a moment and acknowledge all of the ways you have grown, whether over a year, or ten or even just a month. Give yourself some grace for the things you have not accomplished yet or the person you have yet to become. Most important is that you made a start. If you have plants, speak to them and see how things change. Then mirror that in your own self- care. Talk to yourself lovingly, admire your growth and keep striving to be the best that you can be. And never give up! You never know when it will be your turn to bloom. 

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