Let us not become weary in doing good

I am writing this later than I usually like to but I needed some time to gather my thoughts. I feel like I have covered quite a few topics over the past couple of months. But life is a circle so some topics will naturally come back.

It was a week, to say the least. I had a moment with my daughter where the conscious parenting went out the window. She’s 9 so I know boundaries will start to get tested but I still wasn’t ready. My toddler son decided to be a stunt double and fell off the bed. A close friend lost a family member. I have been busy with Tropsical and prepping for my daughter’s First Holy Communion. I also had some macrame orders to complete. And the kids are on vacation.

So it definitely felt like my plate was full this week and I dropped a few balls. I read somewhere that dropping balls is inevitable so you need to know whether they are glass or plastic balls. I am not devastated about the balls that dropped but I do want to do better next time, so I am just reviewing what I could have done different. I usually feel overwhelmed when I don’t organize myself well enough. I love making lists and I like to see what needs to be done. I didn’t really make a schedule, I was just winging it which made it tougher to keep track of what needed to be done.

These past few months I have realized that I have received blessings from others because of past interactions. A friend of mine from college reached out and has been a big support with my fitness goals. I even received a care package. I was in shock. They basically summed it up as a thank you for my support in the past. They couldn’t show that support then but now that they could, they did. It was unexpected and truly appreciated. This just shows that kindness and hard work don’t go unnoticed. I like helping people (a lot of my close friends would say too much) but lately I haven’t been able to help the way I would like. I have noticed that I have been receiving help and I am being blessed by others. Sometimes we expect the blessings to return exactly how we sent it out but I don’t think that’s how it works. The good you send out does find its way back to you at just the right time. Just make sure you aren’t pouring from an empty cup!

Last week I mentioned being present. I really think being present is important to getting through this life. We are limited. There is only so much we can do at a given time, although we like to believe we can do everything, all of the time. I have realized that by being present, we can reduce miscommunication and diffuse situations quicker. Being present allows us to listen better and then we can hear what the person is really saying or asking for. It’s the little things in life. We sometimes believe we have to have (and offer) truckloads of money to be a blessing but that isn’t true. Sometimes it’s a kind word of encouragement, a hug or simply listening to someone that makes all of the difference.

You (and I) can effect change right now with what we have. If you can support someone’s dream then do so whether it’s a purchase or a like and share on social media. Give compliments. Spend time with them. Ask them how they are doing and listen to them. I have learnt that we share our experiences/ problems not looking for advice but to be seen. We are all going through hard times and it’s not a bragging contest. But sometimes acknowledging the other person’s struggle gives them the boost needed to overcome it. Don’t be afraid to reach out when you are struggling. We are usually surrounded by people who are willing to help but they won’t know unless you speak up. God sends us who and what we need at the right time.

So this week, look for the little ways you can be a blessing to others and if you need a blessing, reach out to someone you trust and be honest. Don’t forget to be grateful for your blessings. Start a gratitude journal if that helps or some other creative way to show thanks. Life is all about balance so be grateful that you can bless others but also be accepting when it is time for you to receive your blessings. Have a great week and remember, you got this!

Be a rose among the thorns

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