So I am on this 21 day challenge to eat healthier and consume little to no sugar as well as no alcohol. It is hard! Eating healthier is fine, but I do realize I have an addiction to sugar! All I want is an ice cold coke. Discipline is key. I have to train myself not to eat certain things or choose the healthier option. Now I mentioned no alcohol but that’s not possible because of Tropsical’s Boozy pouches and BB Frozays! Since I know I would have to bend on that rule, I had to make sure that I am on point on all the other rules. Again, it’s hard! But I realized, if I want to incorporate a healthier lifestyle, I need to be disciplined. After the 21 days I will have sugar but then I have to be aware and not eat a pack of cookies. If I am disciplined, I can have a cookie or two but if I disregard the rule altogether then I can forget to see any results.

We all want things or at least some thing in our lives. We usually can identify the end result we would like; we turn it into a goal and then take the necessary steps to achieve it. And yes, discipline is also very necessary. Waking up an extra hour early so you can work out or work on the project. Doing the things we don’t necessarily like in order to get the things we want. Discipline and sacrifice go hand in hand. The no sugar rule in my challenge means I sacrifice sugar for abs (hopefully). Waking up early means I sacrifice that hour of sleep and comfort, but I get an hour where I can follow my morning routine before the kids wake up, and be prepared for the day. Sometimes the sacrifice is easy and other times it is not.

The thing is sacrifice is easy when the reward is concrete and it also helps if we are rewarded quickly. Ask almost any entrepreneur and they will tell you it’s not an easy road. You are sacrificing time (with family and friends), and money. All of this in hopes that you will be successful. If you are disciplined (and versatile) you will make it. This week I felt like I wasn’t spending enough time with the kids. Don’t get me wrong. We’re together all of the time. I even started homeschooling my toddler. But I am talking sit on the floor and just play. And then doubt creeped in. Am I doing enough? The planner in me came to the rescue and I created a schedule. Kids love routine, and it allows me to plan, and have some control over my day.

The thing about life is finding some kind of balance and reminding yourself that it changes. What works this month may not work next month. What you need this year is not what you need next year. We are constantly growing. If we have an overview of what we want to accomplish, our choices become easier and as a result, we are more willing to sacrifice. Sometimes when things get overwhelming I just look right in front of me. Which decision or choice will get me closer to my end goal?

Maybe you have made all of the right choices, invested the money. You made your sacrifice. But you don’t see the reward YET. There are few people in this world who enjoy waiting. The waiting period can be anxiety inducing. The thing is once you’ve done the work with a genuine heart, you will be rewarded. Sometimes with something even bigger than we expected. You have to keep going. Imagine you are taking a road trip and as you pull out of the driveway, you get a flat tire. If you give up then, you will never get to your destination.

Just like on a road trip, there will be times when you need to stop and rest. You need to refuel and rest to have energy to finish the trip. There are also times when you can pull over to look at the scenery. You need to enjoy yourself as well. If you’re constantly working and sacrificing and not enjoying then you will burn out. Take yourself to dinner. Watch that movie. Take the trip (if it makes financial sense). Learn to celebrate the wins, whether you think it’s big or small.

So this week look for the small wins. I was about to say a smile from a stranger but with masks on, that’s a bit harder. So look for the kind words, gestures and little acts of love. Be proud of your growth. And if needed, review and make the adjustments necessary.

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