Be thankful for the good while striving for better!

Happy Friday!

I was a bit worried that I would not have something to write this week but thank God, and thank God for the person who invented social media, etc. So the way my mind works sometimes is that I may have a thought and then something on social media confirms, and then there is another “sign”. I know, I know. You are thinking it’s just the algorithms and marketing, but roll with me on this one. It sparked today’s writing and I am grateful for that alone. 

Someone I am following posted a wish to their story which led me to think about what I would wish for but also made me wonder about what I was neglecting. Let’s say you wish you had your own home and while wishing for that home, you kind of put down the place you are staying now. We tend to look so longingly at the future or what we want and we forget what we have. Then another friend of mine posted a quote about the thought I was having. It was along the lines of, are you appreciating and taking care of what you have or asking for more to neglect. 

Mind blown! We are going back to the garden y’all! I have an area in my yard that would be perfect for a decent sized garden. The thing is only one little corner is cleared out and I am currently making use of it. The grass needs to be cut, some small bushes need to be cleared and I simply have not focused on it. But the little plot I do have is essentially full and I was thinking about all of the plants I could plant. Now I could wish for more plants yet the truth is, I have been neglectful of the area that would allow me to have my wish fulfilled. 

We get caught up in life. I get it, I really do. I am always on the go and my mind is always thinking up the next goal. It is important though to stop every now and then and appreciate what we do have. See, we make our lists whether mentally, on paper or vision boards; and we get so focused on reaching the end that we do not see how much we have accomplished and how far we have come. Or maybe we get a flat tire along the way and sulk at the time passing by. Every day we are moving closer, but we don’t realize it. Hindsight is 50/50 because we miss the little things on the way. 

I believe it is important to be appreciative of the things and persons you do have in your life. Usually the people around you who care for you can help you reach your goals even faster. I used to be hung up about what I did not have but I am even more grateful for those friends who have stayed close and helped whenever needed. When I began to appreciate those people, guess what, I was rewarded with more friendships with persons who honor me and my journey. 

When we do not appreciate what we have then there is a pretty big chance we will lose it and not be rewarded with more. Also if we do not take care of and nurture what we have, we cannot expect to have more. This concept ties into so much areas of our lives, like financially. You want to be a millionaire, but you don’t even know how to budget your paycheck. I am not saying it won’t happen. I am saying if you learn to budget, you will get there faster. 

My challenge for you this week is to review which areas of your life you have been neglecting and work towards fixing them. Start small. Review what or who you are thankful for every day, and it could just be one or two things. It is always good to strive for more and better but in doing so, don’t overlook the good you already have. 

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